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As seen in San Francisco Chronicle on Sun. Sept 1st. Read more.

"Rock Solid Fitness is just what I was looking for. Teresa's knowledge about aerobic and weight training paid off for me as I was able to maximize my workout time and see results almost immediately. Her enthusiasm and support provided the support that I needed.

I wholeheartedly recommend Rock Solid Fitness. Teresa is a wonderful instructor. Her enthusiasm and knowledge provided the opportunity that I needed to begin an exercise program that I can integrate into my life. Best of all, I saw results within the first three weeks which kept me going back for more! I lost four inches off my waist, three inches off my hips, and got down to my goal weight. Rock Solid Fitness rocks!"

--J.D. Snyder

"I want all local women to know about my trainer, Teresa, and Rock Solid Fitness. She is incredible -- kind, balanced, generous -- her class has changed the life of all the women I know who have taken it. I think of it as boot camp with heart and soul.

One thing that makes it special is it takes place outside in the beautiful Marina. We work out by the water while the sun comes up. She brings weights so we can get both an aerobic workout and reshape our bodies. But she is also available to help plan any nutritional changes you want to make. I must have all these activities because I am diabetic, but then, we probably all do at this point in our lives.

My work with Teresa put me back in a normal blood glucose level, helped me lose weight and gain stamina, focus, flexibility, and strength. Other women have lost inches too, but have also gotten confidence and a new connection with their bodies. All of us have gained lasting workout partners among an amazingly diverse, supportive, and non-competitive group of women.

Please consider whether is it time to stop thinking that TOMORROW you will take charge of your health. I've learned the hard way that medical care is a lot more expensive than prevention.

I'd love to see you there with us each morning. I have grown to love Teresa for what she has done for me and the other women I have met. After working with a lot of trainers over my life, I've finally found the right mix of challenge and nurturance."

--Amanda Houston-Hamilton