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The Program

Are You Ready To Get Rock Solid?

Exclusively outdoors, beautiful views, fresh air, personal attention, goal-setting and progress-monitoring, high heart-rates, red faces, muscle burn, and sweat! Intensity, variety and FUN set us above other programs!

Rock Solid provides a consistent, physically progressive, body-comprehensive, fun and inspiring fitness curriculum. As a series of classes, always outdoors, Rock Solid integrates progressive cardiovascular exercise, effective strength training, stretching, and individual coaching.

Our members often say they feel like Rock Solid gives them the benefit of personal training in a fun and supportive group environment. Our trainers are approachable and available for one-on-one requests, and we provide members with helpful resources and circulation of articles on fitness, health, body-care, and just-plain-girl-stuff. We’ve built a Rock Solid network of businesses and services that support our members in their health, fitness, rehabilitation, empowerment, healing and self-indulgence.

Rock Solid is a lifestyle. Your commitment to your health and fitness carries over into all aspects of your life. You find that as you grow physically stronger, you become more mentally and emotionally powerful. As take control of your body, you will begin to take more control of your life. Make Rock Solid’s exercise program a part of who you are!


A Day At Rock Solid!

Each daily workout combines cardio-vascular exercise with comprehensive strength training.

Rock Solid utilizes a system of intensity-interval-cardio training, a technique designed for efficient fat-burning and effective fitness-building. Anyone can do it and everyone benefits. Members are coached through a series of incremental increases and decreases of energy output/exercise intensity. Each individual trains at her own cardio/speed/stride/joint-strength/leg-length level, continually pushed toward her personal best by her ever-watchful trainer. No one gets left behind, and the speedy are unhindered.

Alternating daily between the upper and lower body muscle groups, we use weights, bands, resistance and dynamic tension to achieve the optimum benefits of strength training. Besides increasing general strength, reducing injury and health risks, weight training, when done correctly, actually burns more fat than aerobic activity. As your lean muscle increases so does your resting metabolism, and you burn more calories all day long.

By committing to a general routine and repeating exercises that target each muscle group, we provide the consistency required for actual muscle building and we can monitor improvement. Through repetition, we improve form and fine-tune the mind-body connection, driving us toward the tension and intensity required to transform our bodies. Within the routine, however, we continually vary exercises, keeping your muscles from adapting and keeping the rock solid girls on their toes!

And we mix it up! Our trainers creatively incorporate a variety of activities like boxing, dance, martial arts, yoga, stairs, hills, band-work, ball-work, free-weights, games, etc. into the program in a way that supports our commitment to a balanced daily workout and keeps you on the track toward your long-term fitness goals.

Rock Solid As Your "Gym"

While your traditional gym membership gives you access to fancy equipment, facilities, and an ever-changing roster of trendy classes, Rock Solid gives you the benefit of a personal trainer at every workout, the extra push you need when you want to stop, guidance and support toward your health and nutrition goals, and a community of women expecting you to show up!

Day after day, you can talk yourself out of going to the gym, and if you get there, you are likely to go through an imbalanced, random workout, depending only on feeble self-motivation to push yourself to or beyond your limit. Rock Solid provides a complete structure for your fitness routine, continuous physical fitness instruction, personal attention and consideration of your special needs, a trainer monitoring your progress and pushing you further, a supportive group environment, and, very importantly, an obligation to show up!
Each member’s consistency and dedication produces a common accountability, cultivates friendships, fosters support and lots of laughs. Not to mention your rock solid commitment guarantees continual improvement in your physical fitness, your strength, and your overall well-being!