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The Program

In addition to ROCK SOLID SF, the following services are available.

Personal Training
ROCK SOLID has a network of personal trainers who can work with you outdoors, in a gym, or in the comfort of your own home.

Training Specialties include:

Prime-of-Lifers: You know who you are and what you don’t like to be called! We are sensitive to your bones, joints, hearts, and lungs and can work with or without your medical professionals to design a program that helps you meet your fitness goals without cramping your lifestyle.

Martial Arts: Looking for special training in martial arts? Or just like to train kicking and punching and screaming? Call us.

Stretch & Relaxation: Combining several techniques, including yoga and Pilates, with deep breathing and assisted stretches, we can elongate those tight muscles and help you LOOSEN UP!

Pre & Post-Natal: Whether you are just picking out the stroller or you’re pushing it, we’ll help you keep the glow!

Special Folks: You’re obese, diabetic, have high blood pressure, sciatica, heart problems, HIV+, or something we can’t pronounce. We can work with your medical professionals to design a program that helps you meet your health and fitness goals. (If you are special merely because you are stubborn or mean, we can work with you too.)

Personal Training ranges between $80 and $90 per hour with special package discounts.

Group Training
Friends, couples, or families train together. Cut the cost of a personalized program by getting your own group together!

Prime-of-Life Classes (55+)
Just like she is ROCK SOLID for life, this class is outdoors on the shores of the beautiful San Francisco Bay! Cardiovascular training helps keep the heart and lungs healthy while weight/strength training keeps muscles and bones strong!